My Landing Page

 Service Design Lead • E2E project • 6 team members • 6 months

My Landing Page is a digital touchpoint that helps customers of a Japanese mobile operator switch to new mobile plans. Alongside a diverse and global design team, I assisted the telco’s strategic marketing department in adopting design thinking to introduce a new digital platform, enabling customers to switch plans and remain competitive in the changing market. The project was launched in Japan in 2019.

How can a leading mobile operator use design thinking and human-centred design to aid customers in moving to new mobile plans and staying competitive in the market?

Problem. Japan’s largest mobile operator is currently undergoing a radical transformation, including a digital-first approach to assist both new and existing customers in transitioning to new mobile plans.

Approach. To support the introduction of the new mobile plans, we involved executives and senior managers throughout the design process to emphasize design thinking and customer-centered design within the telecom company. Close collaboration with key stakeholders helped build trust and confidence in our agile end-to-end methodology, ultimately leading to the launch of the new plan switch digital service.

Solution. My Landing Page (MLP) offers customers a seamless and rapid online plan switch, introducing them to the mobile operator’s new experience. In line with the overall digital-first strategy, MLP serves as the initial MVP of a wider range of digital services available through this portal.

Solution. MLP was launched in 2019 as part of the telco’s comprehensive strategy to enhance its market presence in Japan.

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Project Details

Project highlights

Launched in 2019

as part of the telco’s comprehensive strategy for improving its market presence in Japan

A completely new, customer-centered touchpoint

Enabling customers to smoothly transition to the new mobile plans

A successful cross-country collaboration

Aiming at bringing the agile design approach within a landmark mobile operator

Design highlights

As part of our end-to-end design process, we developed, implemented, and launched key areas of the mobile service platform to facilitate users’ seamless transition to the new plan:

Team and stakeholders

This project was only made possible due to the combined efforts of several dedicated professionals, teams and the decisive support of key stakeholders. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the business and innovation team, as they placed their trust in our design and leadership capabilities. The contributions of my fellow design and front-end team members and the directors were indispensable in overcoming the cultural and methodological challenges we faced along the way. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Andrea, Lais, and Misu for their exceptional creative leadership. I also thank Alessia and Giuseppe for being the architect of this impressive endeavour. Together, these teams and exceptional professionals, along with the agile development team, fostered a collaborative environment that allowed the project to be truly disruptive, delivered on schedule, and provided an endless source of both professional and personal learnings.

Design Operation Team (Tokyo)

Tokyo, Japan, (JP) • 3 team members

Design Support Team

Milan and Treviso, Italy, (IT) • 5 team members

Stakeholders | Marketing and Innovation Division (Telco)

 Tokyo, Japan (JP) • 4 team members

Stakeholders | Client Management Team

 Tokyo, Japan (JP) • 7 team members

Development | Front-End Team

 Treviso, Italy, (IT) • 2 team members

Development | Agile Development Team (Back-End)

 Tokyo, Japan (JP) • 4 team members
Arrangements for a late-night workshop session. The initial weeks in Tokyo were particularly chaotic with many twists and last-minute changes to the work plan causing frequent work into the late hours, especially in the case of the workshop sessions.