Personal Data Store

 Service Design Lead • Strategic project • 5 team members • 4 months

The Personal Data Store (PDS) is an application enabling individuals to collect and exercise control over their personal data. To design the PDS proof of concept and business cases, I worked with a diverse and international team of strategic designers, business experts, and technology experts based in Italy, Estonia, and Japan. The PDS was showcased at global conferences, including the MyData Global Conference 2020.

How can a Personal Data Store (PDS) empower users to take control of their personal data while also enabling organizations to become part of the personal data ecosystem?

Problem. The government of Japan is introducing new data privacy regulations that allow Personal Data Stores (PDSs) to operate in the country. In response, a leading technology company has been developing a secure data exchange platform to support these PDS operators. Our multidisciplinary strategic design team assisted the strategic business division understand how this advanced technology would benefit individuals and businesses.

Approach. Our approach involved defining and evaluating various business cases to determine the PDS’s main value propositions in different scenarios. We also supported the technology division in outlining the system’s technological requirements. These scenarios were then transformed into selected user journeys, effectively bridging the gap between user expectations, business goals, privacy regulations, and software development needs.

Solution. The PDS application includes five interconnected functionalities: a Marketplace, Identity Verification, a Dashboard, Consent Management, and a Data Wallet. This system gives users easy centralized access to and control over their data, while providing businesses with a platform to offer innovative and targeted services. This platform simplifies and improves compliance with privacy regulations, benefiting both users and businesses.

Impact. The PDS project assisted stakeholders and executives in understanding the next steps of their personal data business strategy. It was also chosen for presentation at global conferences, such as the MyData Global Conference 2020.

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Project Details

Project highlights


Led senior managers in co-creating rich use-case scenarios for the data-intermediation technology, spanning the health and care, insurance, and travel industries.


Transformed broad use-case scenarios into pragmatic touchpoints that were used to evaluate strategic directions


The project was presented at several leading international conferences as part of the global dissemination strategy

Design highlights

We designed four primary areas of the PDS as part of the project outcome and outlined several others for future development. The four designed areas include:

Selected scenarios

A key project objective was to identify promising business cases for the PDS that aligned with the Strategic office’s long-term goal. By closely collaborating with the project stakeholders, several business scenarios were identified and further reviewed with sector experts. Scenarios were recounted through user narratives to enhance the understanding of users among the different teams involved and to highlight the business potential. 

Team and stakeholders

This endeavour was made feasible only through the collective efforts of several committed professionals, teams, and the crucial support from key stakeholders. I wish to express my profound thanks to the Personal Data Trust Leadership team, as they entrusted us with their confidence in our design and leadership skills. The input from my colleagues in the business and service design team, as well as from the directors, was essential in navigating the cultural and methodological hurdles encountered. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Business Analyst team and the numerous partners who played a part in this venture; without them, we couldn’t have met the high expectations set by this project. Together, these groups and outstanding individuals created a cooperative atmosphere that enabled the project to be genuinely groundbreaking, completed on time, and a continuous source of both professional and personal growth.

Design Team

Milan and Rome, Italy, (IT) • 6 team members

Stakeholders Team

Tokyo, Japan (JP) • 6 team members

Data Distribution Team

Tallin, Estonia (EE) • 2 team members
A workshop session held in Tokyo, 2019