How can voice-controlled smart coffee machines transform daily coffee rituals and help a top coffee brand excel in the booming smart appliance market?

Problem. Lavazza, a leading global coffee company operating in more than 140 countries, is introducing a groundbreaking coffee machine, the Lavazza Voicy, integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. Our task was to design a comprehensive voice-first experience for the new Voicy, using the power of voice assistance to enhance the Lavazza experience and position the Voicy as the cornerstone of the smart kitchen.

Approach. Our human-centered design and agile approach combined research, interaction design, and technology expertise. The multidisciplinary design team worked in close collaboration with Lavazza’s marketing and R&D stakeholders, the NTT DATA IoT unit, and Amazon experts.

Solution. We enabled the product strategy by integrating the voice interface with the companion app’s functionalities and Lavazza’s customer care services. I led the user experience design that seamlessly integrates over 11 voice-activated features, including personalized coffee brewing, descaling process management, and customer care. This establishes a comprehensive service-product system that offers a multifaceted user experience through voice, physical, and digital interfaces.

Impact. Voicy was launched in 2020 in Italy, UK, and Spain, and the product strategy is still in place.

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 I’ve joined this project as part of TangityTangity, formerly Digital Entity, is an award-winning international design firm, part of NTT DATA Group, with operations in Europe, Latin America and Japan. Since the launch of the new brand in 2020, Tangity has focused on strengthening its end-to-end capabilities and international presence, creating a global network of over 450 design professionals.

My responsibilities


Project Details

Project highlights

Launched in 2020 and available in four countries

In 2020, Lavazza Voicy launched in four countries, marking Lavazza’s pioneering entry into the smart appliance market with global reach

First IoT coffee machine powered by Alexa

Lavazza Voicy integrates IoT with Alexa, offering an intuitive, voice-controlled coffee experience and easy access to the customer service

Internationally recognised award-winning product

Garnering prestigious awards like Red Dot and IF Design, and a high rating on TechRadar, Voicy stands out for its innovative design and user-centric approach

Design highlights

Building a comprehensive multi-touchpoint IoT ecosystem



Designing Voicy’s user journey


Image above: An example of the Voicy User Journey Board, courtesy Tangity

Team and stakeholders

This project’s success is attributable to the combined efforts of multiple teams and key stakeholders. I extend my sincere thanks to Lavazza’s team, our central stakeholders, for their crucial insights and leadership. The contributions of my fellow design team members were indispensable. Their creative solutions and impactful designs made this project truly exceptional. In this regard, I am especially grateful to Paola, Giovanni, and Martina for their leadership in navigating the complexities of humanising each voice interaction. The Innovation & Advanced Technologies (I&AT) Team’s forward-thinking approach significantly advanced our technological capabilities, enabling us to deliver the entire backlog on time. Furthermore, the Alexa Solution Provider team provided timely advice crucial for building effective Alexa skills. Together, these teams fostered a collaborative environment that allowed the project to be delivered on schedule and to the highest standard of quality.

Design Team

Milan and Rome, Italy, (IT) • 5 team members

Development | Innovation and Advanced Technologies Team

 Italy, (IT) • 3 team members

Stakeholders | R&D Team

Tutin, Italy, (IT) • 3 team members

Support | Alexa Solution Provider team

 Italy, (IT) • 2 team members